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Friday, March 26, 2010

Juice Feasting

For those of you who wants to know more about juice feasting please check:-

What is juice FEASTING
Juice FEASTING: Before & After

I hope you will find some useful information here! Please check with your doctor before attempting the 92 days of juice feasting. I have not attempted it myself, the longest that I did was just 7 days. Woo...hoo..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Detoxification (2)

Lately, many of my friends asked me how to do detox without taking the commercialized detox sachet that I mentioned in my previous post (Detoxification 1). Yes, it is definitely better to do your own detox because when you detox naturally, you will only use natural sources minus the 'processed detox sachet'. So, your body will benefit tremendously because you will only consume natural food and thus your body will not be exposed to pesticides, additives, preservatives, etc. As I mentioned in my previous post, when I do my own body detox I prefer juice fasting as it is so much simpler but for those who may find it difficult to 'fast', below is another method to do detoxification.
First and foremost, you need to eliminate meat, white flour, white rice, processed foods, junk food, carbonated drinks, alcohol and smoking. I would suggest that you also eliminate packet fruit juice drinks even though the products are made from natural fruit juices. Switch to vegetables, fruits, home-made fruit juices, home-made smoothies and high fiber foods. Drink lots of water as it helps in flushing out the wastes and toxins from the body. Please read the water cure article for more insight on the benefits of drinking water.
This is a 7 day detox diet program. Along with this diet, you must take sufficient sleep and exercise at least 3 times a week. Regular detoxification can help with weight loss and prevents a number of health problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases, digestive tract problems, skin problems, kidney problems and liver problems.
Day 1
Eliminate all solids from your diet. Drink plenty of filtered water, fresh fruit juices and fruit smoothies. When you make your fruit juice, please use fruits that are locally produced. My favorite fruit smoothies are papaya and banana smoothie. Please do not mix with cow's milk for your smoothie, if you want it creamier mix with organic soy milk or nut milk.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of fruit smoothie; Dinner: 2 glasses or 500ml of fruit smoothie.
Day 2
In addition to taking the above (Day 1), you may include high fiber fruits such as, guava, starfruit, papaya, pineapple, avocado, etc (preferably local produce). Consuming high fiber foods will help in better digestion and quick removal of waste matter from the body.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of fruit smoothie; Dinner: variety of fruits.
Day 3
Introduce high fiber vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, beetroot, and 'sengkuang' in your diet. Remember to eat them only in salads, i.e, uncooked. Eat six cloves of raw garlic as it helps in purifying the blood. For me, the best way to eat my garlic is by chopping them finely and mix with squeezed lemon with a dash of sea salt and honey. Mix with one tablespoon of parsley too, as it aids in better liver function. This combination is good to use as your salad dressing.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of fruit smoothie; Dinner: vegetables salad.
Day 4
Repeat Day 3 but for dinner, you can eat cooked (blanched is preferable) vegetables, along with low fat brown rice. Dinner should be taken before 7pm.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit smoothie and vegetables salad; Dinner: brown rice and vegetables.
Day 5
On the fifth day repeat Day 4 and you can have baked or boiled fish along with various type of vegetables for dinner.
Breakfast: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of smoothie; Lunch: vegetables salad and vegetable omelet; Dinner: brown rice, fish and vegetables.
Day 6
You may include dry fruits such as apricot, raisin and prune and nuts such as, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc. as they are rich in essential fatty acids.
Breakfast: a glass of fruit juice/or a glass of smoothie and wholemeal bread; Lunch: vegetables salad and egg omelet; Dinner: brown rice, fish and vegetables.
Day 7
Eat all the foods mentioned in the last six days in moderate quantities. Your body is now prepared to continue with a normal diet.

Those who have high blood pressure, please omit eggs from your diet and those who are diabetic need to dilute their fruit juice with water.  

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Typical home-cooked dinner

My journey towards 75% raw food diet is full of roller coaster bumps. Perhaps if I am doing it totally for myself it would be easier but hey...I have four other people under my wings that I need to consider. I have my hubby and my 3 kids whom are all food lovers. So far I am successful in keeping raw for my breakfasts and lunches and if I happen to have cooked food for lunch then my dinner would be all raw. I discover that having 2 raw food meals and 1 cooked meal is not that difficult to maintain. I am happy with this diet plan and I feel healthier.
Anyway, whatever it is I will always prepare home-cooked dinner for my family. My standard is 3 dishes, other times 4 dishes and at times 2 dishes only. My normal 3 dishes comprises of 1meat or fish and two or more vegetables dishes.

Walla...this is my typical 3 dishes home-cooked dinner.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homeopathic Prescribing

A lady came to see me the other day without making any appointment. Fortunately for her, I was available for consultation so I thought. I ushered her to my room but somehow she said she was in a hurry and would like to just buy a homeopathy remedy without having to 'see' me. "Just give me the same remedy that you gave to my friend few days ago" she said. I was rather amused. What?? Did your friend send you here to collect a repeat medication for her? I asked her (confused). Nope, but she has since recovered from her gastric problem, so I want to get that same medication that you gave her. Then?? I said (still confused). Yeah...I want to take them too as I am also having gastric problem. Oh really?? (now feeling chuckled). Homeopathy does not work like that my friend. I explained to her. She was quite surprised that I do not want her 'business'. "Please come another day when you are not in a hurry and give me a call first" I told her while giving her my number.
 Homeopathic prescribing is quite different from the conventional way of prescribing. Homeopathy rests on the basic principle of nature. The conventional way do not pay much attention to the symptoms of the patient. The medicine is prescribed on the basis of the name of the ailment, whatever the symptoms. If ten patients have gastric problem, they will be given the same type of gastric medicine. In contrast, a homeopath asks a number of questions about the whole picture of the symptoms.  Everyone knows that different patients suffering from the same ailment may show different symptoms. Different patients suffering from gastric problem may manifest the following different symptoms and will be prescribed a remedy depending on the symptoms:
For example, if you are constantly experiencing heartburn about 30 minutes after eating and the attack usually started with too much food, too much alcohol, or too much work and you are irritable Nux Vomica.
Or the gastric attack brought by rich food, usually about 2 hours after eating, attacks worse in the evening, feeling of pressure under breastbone, pounding heart, bad taste in mouth, nausea with or without vomiting, weepy Pulsatilla.
Or feeling heartburn, stomach bloated and full of gas and the person quickly feels full up even when hungry, mainly because food causes instant indigestion lycopodium.
Or burning sensation in the chest, craving for ice-cold water, which is vomited up as soon as it becomes warm in stomach Phosphorus.
There are many other symptoms that indicates gastric problems and as such a homeopath cannot just simply give one common remedy for gastric problem.