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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Toothache and Homeopathy

A few days ago, one of my molar was infected and the pain was excruciating. The first thing that came to my mind was to use crushed garlic as natural remedy to ease the pain. Not only that I could not stand the bad smell from the garlic but it did not help with my infected tooth at all. I tried gargling with salt water which helped a little just enough for me to have a few hours of sleep. The next morning I was awakened by pain, more pain. After gargling with more salt water, I drove to my dentist hoping that she could extract my tooth on that day. In the dentist room, after examining my tooth the dentist told me that she will not extract it as I was in great pain and my gum has already been infected. She prescribed pain killer and two types of antibiotic. Take this and come back after a week, by then the pain should be gone, assured the dentist. What?? Come back after a week?? I was disappointed!! No way will I take pain killer and antibiotics!! I rushed home and decided to take my favorite homeopathic remedy which is Pulsatilla. This remedy came close to my characteristic and it has become my favorite remedy to all sort of physical complaints. After taking one dose of Pulsatilla 30c to my amazement the pain reduced considerably. I also take Calcarea Phos 6x alternately with Pulsatilla. After just two days I hardly feel anymore pain unless if I purposely knock on my infected tooth. What a great relief and I should have taken Pulsatilla and Calcarea Phos in the first place!! Never underestimate the power of homeopathy....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time for myself

It has been work, work, work for me and most of the time, I don't even have time for myself! Duh! I'm not complaining but...emmm I guess this is it...... Anyway, I'm enjoying every minute of doing things for loved ones and for others. Though at times I wished I could have more time to myself. Time to sleep longer, time to shower longer, time to just sit back and relax....not doing anything and not having the guilt feelings soon after.

Looking back I realized that I've not reached the pinnacle of my time or have I? At 48, what have I achieved for MYSELF? Am I satisfied with what I have, with what I have become and with what I'm going to be? What I can say at this very moment is that my satisfaction comes from doing things for others especially for my husband and for my three children; this is my greatest achievement. Time for myself is time well spent with loved ones and that is exactly what I'm why the fuss??