We must eat to live. The quality of our lives is partially dependent upon the quality of foods we eat. Today, the quality of foods that is widely available in the market have been robbed of their vital nutrients. Our staple food such as rice, noodle and bread are processed and refined, obviously lacking in fiber. Most meats contain residues of hormones and medications which are fed to the animals. Even most of the fruits and vegetables contain harsh pesticides. Preserved and canned food, ready-made sauces and instant noodles have lost most of their nourishing qualities. Yet these foods are praised for their taste, convenience and long shelf-life.

The poor quality food, combined with improper eating habits, lead to disease. It is well known that heart disease, arteriosclerosis, strokes, high blood pressure and obesity result from a poor diet. Even illnesses that are not directly caused by improper nutrition such as cancer and multiple sclerosis are affected by dietary changes. Maintaining a nutritious, simple diet is an integral part of preventing disease and maintaining health.