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Friday, June 25, 2010

Renewing our Marriage Vow

The day I donated blood was the day where the 1st Grand Marriage Vows Renewal Eucharistic Celebration was conducted. Only that it was held three hours after doing my 'noble duty'. In fact I planned to have my hair done in a saloon prior to this important event but because of the blood donation, I felt a bit giddy and decided to take a nap instead! So, you can see that my hair look lifeless...and for Jerome, he went to have his hair trimmed the day before! Good planning ...
There were more than 280 couples who renewed their marriage vows on that day. Those who have been married for 50 years and above were seated right in front followed with 40 years, 30 years, 20 years and below. For us, just 19 years of marriage were seated slightly at the back. Anyway, we had a good view in front of us! Everyone dressed beautifully, even their children! Right after the ceremony, each couple was given a prayer certificate, which goes like this:-

Heavenly Father,
We thank you for your tremendous gift of the
Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
Enable us to grow in our intimacy with you and with each other.
Help us to share all our works, all our hopes, all our dreams,
our successes, our failures, our joys and our sorrows.
Teach us the beauty of forgiveness, so that we can become
more and more one in heart, mind and body.
Strengthen our communication with each other,
and help us become living signs of your love.
Help us to be examples of Commitment, Love and Service
to our families and children.
Make us the sign of the unity which Jesus prays for
at the Last Supper.
Help us to be open to the guidance of your Holy Spirit,
who empowers us to love in Jesus' name and
walk in His Footsteps.
We pray all these in the Name of Jesus,
our Lord and Saviour.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Donating Blood

Last Sunday 20th June, after attending a bazaar at St. Aloysius Church, Jerome and I decided that we should go to another church, Sacred Heart Cathedral where a blood donation campaign was going on. Jerome has been a regular blood donor since his college years. As for me, even though I would very much like to donate blood but based on my past record I have been branded as 'unfit to donate blood' as I am anemic. My hemoglobin count has always been very low so donating blood is out of the question. Anyway, upon reaching the blood donation center, I decided that I should check again... who knows with all the adjustments that I have made with my eating habit I may be able to donate! So, tagging beside Jerome I went on to tell him what was on my mind. Of course, we are already here, you should take the opportunity to have a free check... was what Jerome said. The medical officer who attended me smiled and said to me "first time?" Emm...yes, I answered. After taking my blood pressure and checking my hemoglobin level I was declared "fit to donate". Wow! I said in my heart...this is really an achievement! I was then ushered to another room where the process of taking my blood took place. The most ironic was the fact that Jerome was not able to donate blood as his hemoglobin level was below the required standard even though his blood pressure was perfectly normal. He was quite upset about it and concluded that he must change his diet.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rare Case

A month ago a patient consulted me due to heartburn, bloating, flatulence and something else that I found quite rare was the fact that he has been burping for the past 6 months. He told me that he went to so many doctors and even to bomoh/dukun or witch doctor but to no avail. While talking to me he burped uncontrollably seemed like every 5 minutes. Given the symptoms picture, I prescribed him with Carbo Veg 30c and also Phosphorus 30c to be taken alternately.
Last week on June 9th, this patient came again. He was not burping anymore! He told me that he feel much better but he feel that there is something hard and burning hot inside his stomach. His condition is aggravated during the night with other symptoms such as heart palpitation, anxiety and sleeplessness. I gave him Arsenicum 200c due to his 'burning sensation' and other symptoms and Kali Phos 6x for sleeplessness. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


One of the many reason why I decided to study homeopathy is because of my two daughters. At an early age of one or two year old, both were diagnosed with asthma. They were prone to cough and flu which led to shortness of breath and then wheezing. I could still remember vividly how we (Jerome & I) used to rush either both or one of our daughters to the nearest clinic whenever their face turned bluish and their chest protruded due to breathlessness. It was such a scary situation. As we traveled back and forth to the clinic so frequently that our pediatrician recommended us to buy a nebuliser. I felt so upset about it as our daughters' condition did not improved at all but getting bad to worse. I did not buy the nebuliser but decided to try natural healing instead. That was how I started turning to natural healing. To cut the story short, both my daughters are cured of their asthma problem through homeopathy method of healing.