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Monday, February 14, 2011

On Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Know that you are special!! Just to share with you the story below:

An old man got on a bus one February 14th, carrying a dozen
roses. He sat beside a young man. The young man looked at
the roses and said, "Somebody's going to get a beautiful
Valentine's Day gift."

"Yes," said the old man.

A few minutes went by and the old man noticed that his young
companion was staring at the roses. "Do you have a
girlfriend?" the old man asked.

"I do," said the young man. "I'm going to see her right
now, and I'm going to give her this Valentine's Day card."

They rode in silence for another 10 minutes, and then the
old man got up to get off the bus. As he stepped out into
the aisle, he suddenly placed the roses on the young man's
lap and said, "I think my wife would want you to have these.
I'll tell her that I gave them to you."
He left the bus quickly. As the bus pulled away, the young
man turned to see the old man enter the gates of a cemetery.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Lifetime Commitment

I feel that today is one of my lucky day. Our celebrant this morning mass coadjutor archbishop John Wong announced that there is a couple in the church celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary. All eyes were on the beautiful old couple standing somewhere in the middle pew of the church. "Wow" I said in my heart. Such a lovely thing to witness this couple celebrating their 66 years of wedded bliss! I could see the amount of love and wisdom in this committed couple's face. My mind was quick to guess that the couple must be in their mid eighty. If Jerome and I were to celebrate our 66th wedding anniversary, he would be 95 and I, 92 years old! Would we still be alive at 90? What about our love for each other? Could it survive the test of time? Can we endure the pressures of job/finance, family/home, midlife/old age and pain/sickness? Only time can tell. In the meantime, I pray for strength and wisdom to withstand any possible storms in our marriage. I pray for more love, intimacy, trust, joy, good health, forgiveness and kindness. I also pray that I will always express my love for Jerome in every possible way through respecting him, appreciating him, encouraging him, serving him minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Thank you Lord, for the gift of LOVE.