Some of my patients are very particular when they or their children have fever. Even after explaining to them a number of times the wonder of fever but still, they will resort into taking antibiotics. How very sad! Fever is in fact our strongest weapon to fight against infections or illnesses. But most parents will be worried sick when they or their child's temperature rise up. Our body has fever because it is infected with bacteria, germs or viruses. It is our immunity system that raises our body temperature so that these harmful microbes will be killed. These microbes can only live in a normal body temperature between 36.5°C to 37.5°C. When our body is having a fever i.e. above 37.5°C to 38.5°C, it is an ideal temperature to kill harmful microbes. However, try not to let it rise above 40°C for long period as it will lead to kidney failure and brain damage. Control the body temperature by drinking plenty of water, lots and lots of it and bring down the temperature by sponge bathing.

I normally will not give any medication when my children contracted fever not until the fever is over 39°C. Most of the time, I will make sure that they drink plenty of water and sleep, sleep and sleep. In a day or two the fever is gone! Never disturb your immunity system doing its work by letting antibiotics into your body. Antibiotics will only hinder your natural body's response to get better naturally. In the process you weaken your own immunity system because antibiotics will not only kill the bad guys but also the good ones!!

Homeopathic remedies for fever that I have often used in my clinic are Aconite, Arsenicum, Belladonna and Ferrum Phos depending on the symptom.