Is it true that my child has autism? You may wonder what your child future would be and probably think that the doctors must have made some mistake in diagnosing your child. After going to so many specialists and having been given the same bitter diagnosis; "your child has autism", first and foremost, you have to accept this painful truth. The earlier the treatment begins, the better the chances are that the child can be helped.

What is Autism? Autism is a life-long developmental disorder that affects an individual’s ability to interact with the world around them. This means they have difficulties making friends and participating in everyday social interactions. They refuses to be cuddled, avoids eye contact, shows poor language development, becomes obsessed with things or routines, goes in for repetitive movements such as body rocking and head banging. Since it is a spectrum disorder, autism affects children in different ways, and no two autistic children are exactly alike. This makes things very confusing for parents who are battling to come to terms with what is best for their child, as signs of autism vary greatly. A common struggle for parents is the desperate efforts to try and “reach” their child, as they seem to exist in their own private world within their minds.

What causes Autism? No single cause for autism is known. It is a neurological disorder. Studies link the disorder to brain defects, metal poisoning, child vaccination or nutritional deficiency. It is important for parents to note that autism is not a mental illness and is NOT caused by bad parenting or problems in the home.

How can Homeopathy help? Homeopathy can help in varieties of way such as in stimulating the child’s body to heal itself and also to detox the body in a gentle way. Please bear in mind that the homeopath and the patient (or the parents of the autistic child)must work together in order to achieve favorable result. Please click here for more information about how homeopathy can help treat autism.