Someone asked me whether homeopathy can help stroke patient. My answer is YES. Even though I have never treated any stroke cases yet, but there are many cases where stroke patient could benefit from homeopathy.
There are 2 main types of stroke.
1) ischemic stroke:- caused by a blockage in one of the blood vessels that supply oxygen and other important nutrients to the brain. If the artery remains blocked for more than a few minutes, and enough blood can't get through, the brain can become damaged. The majority of strokes are ischemic.
2) hemorrhagic stroke:- occurs when blood vessels in the brain leak or rupture, causing bleeding in or around the brain.
Homeopathy helps in recovery after a stroke, along with changes in diet and lifestyle. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily to reduce the risk of future strokes. Fat is the primary cause of strokes. Eliminating saturated fat from meat and processed foods will drastically reduce the risk of strokes.
The remedy of choice for a stroke patient varies. Aconite 30c can be used after a stroke to help lessen the trauma symptoms of a stroke, which often include panic, fright and shock. Aurum muriaticum 30c can help ease high blood pressure due to disturbed function of the nervous system, while Baryta Carbonica 30c can help strengthen the body and mind following a stroke. Gelsemium 30c helps treat numbness and trembling, and can help improve your ability to speak. For stroke that occur after a couple of months or longer Arnica 1M is the best choice as this is the best remedy for old injury. Always follow the dosage directions on the medications, and stop administering the remedies when there is noticeable improvement.


Anonymous said…
12 years stroke (hemiplegia) survivor.
I had the greatest shock of my life when i had a cardiac arrest 12 years ago and slumped into comma. I was in comma for a year and three months before i was able to open my eyes. I stuttered with speech and and i noticed i could not move the full right side of my body my hands and legs this was when the doctor told me i had stroke (hemiplegia). I was bedridden and kept in a wheel chair when i need to move for 10 years more and it became worse because i started having memory failure i hardly remember anything. The condition was debilitating and even my neurologist could not help me with his several therapy. My wife came in one day with a medicine she got from a herbal doctor she wanted me to start taking that i will be okay, i was reluctant because i had given up already and was waiting for my death day. she talked me into taking it telling me how much she love and cares about me and how she and the kids are gonna miss me. I took the medicine for 3 months as recommended and my condition improved i was able to walk and move those parts affected by the stroke and today i have fully recovered after 12 years of horror. Do not die because of ignorance you too can be well again. just contact him on for more information on about it and how to get his medicine. thanks for allowing me share my story.
My Mother once suffered from Stroke for eight years, we looked for solution but there was no complete cure.the stroke affected her right side of the body. which she could not move. I got a solution when I went to Chicago, a doctor gave me the final solution, which is a herbal medication. my mother took it for Six month, and she could move her body now, she is completely cured, I promise to tell every one about this. any one looking for such help can contact him on
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Mrs. Patricia said…
I suffered once from an acute stroke with resultant hemiplegia 3years ago. When you have a stroke, it’s difficult finding information to help you make sense of it all. Like many others who have had a stroke. I will try almost anything to recover lost mobility. I have meet different Doctors, prescription drugs worsened the symptoms until I met Dr.William whose herbal medicine is a permanent solution to Stroke. I now consider myself a Stroke Survivor. His herbal medicine is a final solution to Stroke. Hang in there... Better days will come for you too (his e-mail address:
freya mia said…
This information will greatly help the stroke patients, I suffered a massive ischemic stroke, I was forced to give up work after having a stroke, but the medication I used proved there is life after stroke and decide to share my testimony. It is a misconception that strokes can not be cured or reversed as stated by professionals. I am living proof that improvement and cure is certain with Herbal Medicine, death from stroke can be defeated. When I had the stroke, I felt trapped inside my body. I knew that everything that was 'me' was still there, but I couldn't communicate. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. With the Herbal Medicine, and his recommended healthy diet, I consider myself regaining as much as 99.9% back to my old normal and satisfied. It is in short, an answer to prayer. I'd recommend any stroke patient to contact Dr. Allen for advice and more information with
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