Somewhere in mid-August, Jerome out of the blue decided to go to a gym. He signed-up for a one month usage of the gym which cost him RM100. Together with a household member Michael, both were determined to lose some weight. Aloysia (Mike's wife) and I were very happy to see that both of our overweight husbands decided to do something with their weight. We saw them hitting the gym almost everyday. They had even announced to us that they had shed some pounds! We were so delighted but our joy were short-lived when 2 weeks later they stopped going to the gym. They gave excuses like having the colds or they had 'work' or business appointments. "We need to motivate them" said Aloysia. Yess...we should, I agreed. We tried every means to persuade them to go back to the gym but to no avail. Finally, on Sept 1 we decided to sign-up ourselves for the gym thinking that our hubbies would join us if we also go to the gym. We thought that when we, the wives go with them, they will be motivated to continue with their workout! But we were wrong! Michael was not so bad, he went to the gym several times with us whereas Jerome completely stopped.(sob...sob...)
So, the past weeks Aloysia and I went to the gym regularly. I can say that when come to exercise we are more disciplined than our men. The one month is almost over and soon it's time to renew our membership. I'm thinking whether I should go for another month. For me, physically I feel fitter and perhaps have lose some weight.(haven't check yet). For me, going to the gym is very much time consuming even though I will get the feel good effect after that. For me, going to the gym means taking at least 2 hours of my precious time and to me time is not easy to come by. For me, going to the gym means I need to 'not do' my 'to do list'...
I just received text message from dear Aloysia asking me whether I will renew my membership and I answered NO. Goodbye gym...good bye!