I can't believe that it has been 3 months since I last updated my blog! Though I've been thinking about it but it just seemed impossible for me to sit and write...

I do not have any maid or domestic helper for 2 years now. Anyway, I'm glad that somehow I manage to put things in good order. As a busy mother and running a homeopathy clinic at home, I value my time so very much.

I'm living in a house that has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms! A hall that can comfortably accommodate 30 people at one time (normally used for church activities). Attached to it is my clinic, i.e., my consultation room and a waiting room. Next to it is an underground living room with a wine cellar at the corner. Outside my house I have a garden that needs my constant attention. Our car porch is quite huge too where it can also be used as badminton court. My daily routine starts with waking up at 5.00am and will be up till 1.00am though I'm trying my best to end the day by 11.00pm.

I do the laundry (daily), cleaning the entire house (weekly), watering the plants (alternate days), cooking for my family (daily), shopping for groceries (weekly), keeping my hubby and kids healthy (at all times), picking my daughters from school (daily), sending them to extra classes (3 times weekly), appointments with patient (as and when needed), attending mass (daily) except Saturdays, attending household meetings (in the evening twice or thrice weekly), etc.

Though tired and exhausted I am contented and satisfied. Indeed, today has been another day of joy, love and commitment.


Helen said…
Hi Anne! Howdy?? Busy? Please do post some pictures of your mansion. I noticed you do not have many pictures in your blog. Go, do a bit of uploading...hehe.
Anne L* said…
Thanks for dropping by! Pretty busy with work. Yes, will try to find time to do something with my blog. But time is not at my side bah at the moment. Will see how... :-)