One of my favorite plant in my garden is the mulberry trees. Mulberry tree is so easy to plant and it bears good fruits too. When my children were younger they used to love plucking ripe mulberry fruits and popped into their mouth whenever they play outside the house!

Mulberry fruits freshly harvested from my garden.
Mulberry has many health benefits. Among others it could help alleviate various condition such as constipation, anemia, dizziness, heart palpitations, strained eye-sight, insomnia and many others. When I googled 'health benefits of mulberry' I found numerous information regarding this wonderful fruits. Most of the articles says that mulberry could help chronic gastritis and chronic hepatitis, strengthen body organ such as liver, kidney and heart. It could also lower cholesterol and blood sugar level. One that really strikes me the most is that the juice if applied directly on the scalp may promote healthy hair and blackening of gray hairs! On top of that the fruits not only have high vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium and potassium content but they're also rich in resveratrol, a compound with anti cancer properties. Wow! Such a remarkable thing for a small and humble fruit like mulberry...