A patient came to see me in the wee hour of the morning to get a fast relief of diarrhea. She said that she visited the toilet for more than 10 times the night before and was not able to sleep due to the problem. It must be something that she ate. Diarrhea is a signal of a problem in the digestive system. It is a natural reaction of the bowels to purge the body of toxins. Diarrhea can be caused by unclean water, spicy food, eating too quickly or eating contaminated food. Mixing too many foods, such as vegetable and fruit salad, pickles, drinks and other snacks, or eating too much heavy, creamy food, can cause the digestive tract to react adversely and expel the overload. For her case, as she admitted that she overindulged during dinner that night along with a few glasses of alcohol. Based on this and other symptom, I prescribed her with Nux Vomica 30c to be taken four times daily.