I read an interesting anecdote which said that after Jesus rose from the dead, He was met by angels in heaven who asked Him whom He had planned to leave on earth to continue His work. “Just a small group of men and women who love me, “Jesus replied. The angels were concerned and asked Him: Is that all? What if this tiny group should fail?” Jesus said: “ I have no other plans ….”
Jesus is counting on us, on our love, on our commitment to Him. He believes in us. He trusts us. He needs us.
Unworthy as we are, let us not belittle His call, or should we belittle our response. In His work, no one is indispensable, but also, no one is unimportant. We are all invited. We are all invited to stay, and stay on.

REFLECTION: Lord, help me to stay with you, no matter what. Amen
Roman 8:38 “ For I am certain that nothing can separate us from His love”.