From left: Jody, Joelle and Aldo.
This picture was taken on the first day of January 2012. Yeah....kinda new pic but it was just me and my poor time management that has kept this post unpublished...not until today. :( Boohoo...  Well, these are my beloved children. The eldest Aldo is doing his 3rd year Diploma in Music. This was not the kind of career that I expected from my bright and intelligent son but he has his own mind and more so all this while Jerome and I have been moulding him to be independent and to believe in himself. As parents, we could only try to share his passion in music and give him the fullest support he needed emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. My second child Jody has just completed her secondary school and is waiting for her SPM exam result which will be out very soon. Jody is our chatter box at home. She is expressive and observant in nature and would enjoy talking and sharing anything under the sun. Earlier she told me that she is taking Nutrition as her chosen field of study. Somehow along the way, she decided that Psychology fits her better. Well, as a mother I have made up my mind to let my children decide their own choice of tertiary education. As parents, Jerome and I will discuss with them the pros and cons of becoming this or that. This has been our hot topic with them nowadays. My youngest, Joelle is a bonus! After having two miscarriages and two caesarean sections and at age thirty something, I was not thinking of ever capable of having another baby. But lo and behold...Joelle came into the picture! I could only thank our good Lord time and again. At 10 months old she was already walking and climbing the stairs at our home. Being the youngest, she has been hiding herself in her cocoon but recently she has spread her wings! Keep it up my girl! You know what I mean right?? All of you are very special in your own way. I love you all so very much. As this blog is dedicated to the three of you, I really really hope that this blog will be a constant companion to you wherever you are.....all the best in your journey of life and take good care of your health always. :)  


awhhh....that is so sweet aunty
Unknown said…
Hi Annie,
This is Enzo. Earlier I sent you 2 comments on the "mulberry leave tea" post.
From your profile & the picture of your nice teenage kids, I just knew that you are from Malaysia.
I'm from Hong Kong.
Since we're miles apart, my request for buying some mulberry leaves from you will not be granted.

(for your information, I'd love to have mulberry leaves for treatment of my illness)

Anyway, I'll try to find them somewhere locally.

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