Every time when I hear a relative, a friend or even an acquaintance died of cancer, my body would chill or I would feel goose bumps all over. The feelings of sadness over power me. How sad, how very sad it must be to have lost in the battle of fighting this disease. Just last year in 2011, I've lost an 8 year old relative of  blood cancer (leukemia), my daughter's school friend also died of leukemia, a 49 year old friend of throat cancer, a friend's sister of breast cancer and a friend from the church of lung cancer.
I have two cancer patients that consulted me but have stopped seeing me mainly because they were confused of which treatment to use to 'cure' their sicknesses. Normally cancer patients will be in a state of confusion when loved ones thinking that they're helping trying to recommend them with all sort of methods to cure the cancer. Some will insist on conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy while others may be more inclined towards alternative treatments. I'm not saying that they should use homeopathy method of treatment, no. I only want cancer patients to have more information about their diseases and the options available out there of how to equip themselves with the right weapon to fight in this battle field.
Here, I would like to share with you an Alternative Cancer Treatments (The Cancer Tutor Website): a website that could help whoever is looking for a second opinion. No, this is not about homeopathy, not at all. ;-)