My journey towards 75% raw food diet is full of roller coaster bumps. Perhaps if I am doing it totally for myself it would be easier but hey...I have four other people under my wings that I need to consider. I have my hubby and my 3 kids whom are all food lovers. So far I am successful in keeping raw for my breakfasts and lunches and if I happen to have cooked food for lunch then my dinner would be all raw. I discover that having 2 raw food meals and 1 cooked meal is not that difficult to maintain. I am happy with this diet plan and I feel healthier.
Anyway, whatever it is I will always prepare home-cooked dinner for my family. My standard is 3 dishes, other times 4 dishes and at times 2 dishes only. My normal 3 dishes comprises of 1meat or fish and two or more vegetables dishes.

Walla...this is my typical 3 dishes home-cooked dinner.