A lady came to see me the other day without making any appointment. Fortunately for her, I was available for consultation so I thought. I ushered her to my room but somehow she said she was in a hurry and would like to just buy a homeopathy remedy without having to 'see' me. "Just give me the same remedy that you gave to my friend few days ago" she said. I was rather amused. What?? Did your friend send you here to collect a repeat medication for her? I asked her (confused). Nope, but she has since recovered from her gastric problem, so I want to get that same medication that you gave her. Then?? I said (still confused). Yeah...I want to take them too as I am also having gastric problem. Oh really?? (now feeling chuckled). Homeopathy does not work like that my friend. I explained to her. She was quite surprised that I do not want her 'business'. "Please come another day when you are not in a hurry and give me a call first" I told her while giving her my number.
 Homeopathic prescribing is quite different from the conventional way of prescribing. Homeopathy rests on the basic principle of nature. The conventional way do not pay much attention to the symptoms of the patient. The medicine is prescribed on the basis of the name of the ailment, whatever the symptoms. If ten patients have gastric problem, they will be given the same type of gastric medicine. In contrast, a homeopath asks a number of questions about the whole picture of the symptoms.  Everyone knows that different patients suffering from the same ailment may show different symptoms. Different patients suffering from gastric problem may manifest the following different symptoms and will be prescribed a remedy depending on the symptoms:
For example, if you are constantly experiencing heartburn about 30 minutes after eating and the attack usually started with too much food, too much alcohol, or too much work and you are irritable Nux Vomica.
Or the gastric attack brought by rich food, usually about 2 hours after eating, attacks worse in the evening, feeling of pressure under breastbone, pounding heart, bad taste in mouth, nausea with or without vomiting, weepy Pulsatilla.
Or feeling heartburn, stomach bloated and full of gas and the person quickly feels full up even when hungry, mainly because food causes instant indigestion lycopodium.
Or burning sensation in the chest, craving for ice-cold water, which is vomited up as soon as it becomes warm in stomach Phosphorus.
There are many other symptoms that indicates gastric problems and as such a homeopath cannot just simply give one common remedy for gastric problem.