This incident happened last Tuesday and I've been meaning to write this post earlier.
It was already noon time when Aldo returned home from his basketball game. He was limping and I asked him what had happened. I was thinking that he must have injured himself during the match. Apparently, he told me that he accidentally stepped on a rusty nail while walking the dogs earlier that morning before he even went for his basketball game! The nail went through the bottom of his slippers and pricked into his skin. There was so much blood but he pressed the wound to let the blood out (thank God!). When I looked at his foot, it was swollen and red. Why didn't you tell me that you had injured yourself, I asked him. He said that it was not pain that morning and he thought that it would be alright after a couple of hours or so. However it was not so. The pain gradually progressed that for a few days he limped whenever he walked. The possibility of tetanus infection was on my mind as the incident happened few hours earlier. The bacteria must have invaded his bloodstream! I gave him homeopathy medicine Ledum 200c as I know this is the best remedy against tetanus. If you can't get any homeopathy medicine off hand, please get a tetanus vaccination right away. Tetanus (commonly called lockjaw) is a disease that can be fatal. The bacteria (Clostridium tetani) enter into the body through puncture wound contaminated with soil, street dust, animal feces, etc. The early symptoms of tetanus infection are jaw or neck stiffness, difficulty swallowing, headache, irritability and localized itching or pain at the site of the injury. Later, there may be spasm of the neck, back, and abdominal muscles.
What can you do if you or your loved ones had a punctured wound such as nail pricked and help seem to be far from sight??  The best way to protect an injured person from the tetanus disease is to thoroughly clean the wound with copious amounts of water and to encourage the injury to bleed profusely. Press the wound firmly to let the blood and any traces of dirt out from the wound. Cover it with clean bandage and take the person to the nearest hospital if the wound is deep (about half inch or more).


V. lagra said…
Overall the story is interesting but also telling how to take care of tetanus patients is also cleared to me.
Anne L* said…
Thanks for the comments ;)
Anonymous said…
This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday..
Anonymous said…
I thought you cure him of tetanus!
All u write there is good, but, in any case, if someone get tetanus, then I wonder what' the cure?
Personaly I have something that might be unbeliveble, but, here I am?
One year ago, in november 2012, I went to a dentist for a check up. I had a small litle problem with one of my teeth upper right at cold and sweets. No problems there, but, let me look at your wisdom tooth upper right! She did, but not without an anesthetic. Well, my girlfriend who was at that time in cabinet told me she could not believe the fact that adfter the dentist administrated me the anesthetic, , put the rest , hatever was lft in the seringe, in the same droer where she pick it up, the only difference was she took the needle out and she put a different needle.
My girlfriend didn't told me this from the begining, just after few days when my face was swolen and I was looking like a hamster.
I sterted to feel so very bad, feverr, vomiting, spasms, and the feeling that I might pass away any moment!
Ever since that event, I went to the dotors who, did not know what I have, who, don't know if I have or not tetanus. bare in mind, I had more than 6 tetanus shoots over the life time, , i'm 46 now, but I still have symptoms after one year after that event.
I treat myself with ledum palustre, with hypericum, arnica, and, many that fit the spectrum. Unfortunatly, i still didn't get there. True, the symptoms, are not that severe like at the begining, but, the spasms in arms and legs, are so unbeliveble painfull, I have suicidal tendencies. The quality of life is bad, so, why should I take this anymore?. Any of you can change my mind( I would like to , serious!)
Anne L* said…
Dear quantumneles,

Usually Ledum is used for preventive measure and not to treat tetanus. If you suspect that you have tetanus, you need to use other remedy that suit your symptoms. Anyway, since you have taken a number of homeopathic remedies in a short duration of time, I believe that you may have overdosed yourself, hence the worsening of condition. Please stop taking any homeopathic remedies until you have found a suitable remedy that can antidote what you have taken earlier. ;-)
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