A few days ago I attended a friend's funeral. I never had the chance to know her that well. She passed away due to breast cancer after battling with the disease for 2 years. She was the sister of one of my good friend. When I heard that she passed away I immediately called my friend. She told me how in the beginning her sister choose 'natural healing' to combat the disease,but she stopped half way and switched to conventional medicine.I didn't get to know what method of natural healing did her sister used as I could feel the sadness from the other side of the line as we spoke. So, I decided not to press my friend with the question.
I feel very sad because most people are still quite skeptical towards natural healing. I cannot blame them. It shows that we (natural therapists) have not done much to keep people aware of the benefits of treating our bodies gently with natural therapy. This is our challenge and as a homeopath, I am taking this challenge to share with as many people as possible about the natural way to care for our body.