I feel quite upset about the behavior of my children towards food. Aldo in particular has been eating out most of the time ever since he started his music course at SIA. Not only that, he will have night jamming until 10pm and soon after he and his friends will have late supper. Things are worst when they are preparing for music concert. They will practice until past midnight. For Aldo, eating at 1am or 2am has become a norm. He has put on weight and his tummy is bulging. All are the cause of eating out, zero exercise and late supper...
Jody too has a peculiar habit. She loves to eat but she is also lazy to do any physical exercise. After eating she will crawl up to her bed with a bar of chocolate and a novel to read. The result: excess fat! When her jeans become tight, she will start skipping meals. This is bad and will cause her to slow down her metabolism rate.
Joelle loves eating 'forbidden food'. The forbidden food, not found in our home are; french fries, fried chicken wings, popiah, burger, fried dumpling, etc which are easily accessible at her school canteen. Yes, at times I do make my own fried chicken wings without frying, and my own homemade burger just to satisfy my children craving for this type of food.
Well, I cannot control what they love to eat whenever they are outside the home. Yes...I am still struggling with keeping my family healthy. So far, my three children have not visited the clinic and have not taken any antibiotic for the past few years. But with them growing fast and eating out frequently, I can only hope that what I cultivated in them about eating healthily will be adopted by them on their own will.