Recently Jerome and I went out of the way from our usual Tamu shopping at Donggongon to Lido wet market. While enjoying the produce at the market and buying some vegetables we bumped into an old friend, Mr. Kong. He is now a towkay selling crocodile meat. He owns a big crocodile farm at a village in Penampang. Mr. Kong persuaded us to buy some of his produce...crocodile meat!

These are crocodile meat. I took this picture at Lido Market.
He told us that crocodile meat is the healthiest meat and most nutritious. It has high protein content and yet very low in cholesterol. It is the best alternative for beef even though it taste more like chicken or white fish. We were quite skeptical at first especially myself as I'm not a keen meat eater.

The crocodile bones are RM35 per kg while the meats are RM40 per kg
Anyway, Mr. Kong convinced me that crocodile meat is more of a fish product rather than meat or red meat for that matter. The tail meat is said to be the best part as the meat is even whiter than the other part of the meat and a cooked crocodile tail is very tender and succulent. We were also told that crocodile meat has no fat content and could strengthen one's immunity system. Those who have asthma or lung problems may also benefit from eating this meat especially when it is brewed into herbal soup.
These are the crocodile bones and the herbs that go along with the soup recipe.
After much persuasion we decided to give it a try!! We bought the meat and also the bones!! Haha....we can be very adventurers especially when it comes to food. I cooked the bones together with the herbs recommended by Mr Kong. Surprisingly true, there were no traces of oil in the herbal crocodile soup! When I presented the soup on our dining table not even one of my children suspected anything different. They just took the soup like any other soup. When we told them that they have just eaten a crocodile, my two girls felt gross but somehow I guess they've enjoyed it...

The piece of meat in the middle is the crocodile meat.
The crocodile meat can be cooked like how you would normally cook chicken or fish. If you were to ask me whether I would buy crocodile meat again in the future, my answer is a big 'YES'.


Is it really delicious? i wanna try..