Last Sunday Jerome and I were assigned to give a talk during the beginning of the Catechetical Week at our parish. I prepared power point presentation slides as well as a sharing about our family for the talk. After a week of preparations with amendments, additions and editing the final product was finally ready. That Sunday, everything was fine until Jerome asked me to do a last minute amendment and to go to a printing shop to make photocopies of our notes. At that time I just came back from sending Joelle to her Sunday school class at 10.00am and I supposed to fetch her back at 11.30am. Jerome and I were asked to go to our parish at 12.00pm an hour before our scheduled talk. Why the last minute request from my other half? I was quite mad about it and decided not to do anything with the presentation anymore. Yes, I will drop by the printing shop before picking Joelle, pick Joelle, send her home and then go to the parish hall. As I was thinking that I might be late to reach the venue, I suddenly feel a slight spell of uneasiness in my chest. I found it hard to breathe and I could hear my heart pumping the blood in and out of my arteries. Oh my God! I'm having palpitations and tight chest! I try to take long deep breath but only small airs manage to go into my nostril. I quietly walked towards Jerome and asked him to pray for me. According to Jerome, my face at that time was so pale. I was still trying to catch some air but with much difficulty. I forced myself to cough so that I could get some oxygen into my body. While Jerome prayed over me, I felt a sensation of peace. What was happening to me? I never felt like this before.
Is it anxiety, stress, panic attack?
The only homeopathic remedy that I was thinking at that time was Pulsatilla. I was glad that I have it in my bag all the time. It helped me to relax and slowly my breathing was back to normal. After that incident I spoke with some friends about it, I was told that it could also be some kind of spiritual attack because we are doing the Lord's work. Perhaps they were right. The only way to be stronger than the devil is PRAYER. ;-)