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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis' the season...

I'm feeling guilty about many many things. Firstly, I've not been eating enough vegetables. Secondly, I've not been able to prepare my healthy juice every morning. Thirdly, I've not been doing my daily exercise. Fourthly, I've been sleeping late (about 2am!). On top of that, I've been attending too many night function which means late and heavy dinner. And....guess what?? I've added 3kg of extra weight in my weighing machine! Yeah... I thought the machine is faulty!!
Can I blame all these to the holiday season? Yeah... tis the season to be jolly, tis the season to eat and eat more, tis the season to give and give more, tis the season to forgive and forget...
BUT tis the season to also think, to reflect, to ponder and to look back...have I done what I'm called to do. Have I done enough for my Lord? Indeed, Jesus is the reason for the season. But somehow, we tend to overdo the unnecessary. We tend to focus on the things that did not matter at all. We tend to think of what other people think rather than think what Jesus would think. In fact my family and I had just visited a family friend for an Advent gathering. We were so inspired to see how nice they decorated their house with so many beautiful Christmas decor that moved us to also want to decorate our house in the same way. As I listed down what are the things needed to buy so that we could further enhance the beauty of our already decorated home, I suddenly realized that we've gone astray! What are we doing? Are we preparing to show the world what we have materially or are we preparing ourselves spiritually for what we have for only Jesus to see?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a lifestyle!

I feel quite upset about the behavior of my children towards food. Aldo in particular has been eating out most of the time ever since he started his music course at SIA. Not only that, he will have night jamming until 10pm and soon after he and his friends will have late supper. Things are worst when they are preparing for music concert. They will practice until past midnight. For Aldo, eating at 1am or 2am has become a norm. He has put on weight and his tummy is bulging. All are the cause of eating out, zero exercise and late supper...
Jody too has a peculiar habit. She loves to eat but she is also lazy to do any physical exercise. After eating she will crawl up to her bed with a bar of chocolate and a novel to read. The result: excess fat! When her jeans become tight, she will start skipping meals. This is bad and will cause her to slow down her metabolism rate.
Joelle loves eating 'forbidden food'. The forbidden food, not found in our home are; french fries, fried chicken wings, popiah, burger, fried dumpling, etc which are easily accessible at her school canteen. Yes, at times I do make my own fried chicken wings without frying, and my own homemade burger just to satisfy my children craving for this type of food.
Well, I cannot control what they love to eat whenever they are outside the home. Yes...I am still struggling with keeping my family healthy. So far, my three children have not visited the clinic and have not taken any antibiotic for the past few years. But with them growing fast and eating out frequently, I can only hope that what I cultivated in them about eating healthily will be adopted by them on their own will.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking the Challenge

A few days ago I attended a friend's funeral. I never had the chance to know her that well. She passed away due to breast cancer after battling with the disease for 2 years. She was the sister of one of my good friend. When I heard that she passed away I immediately called my friend. She told me how in the beginning her sister choose 'natural healing' to combat the disease,but she stopped half way and switched to conventional medicine.I didn't get to know what method of natural healing did her sister used as I could feel the sadness from the other side of the line as we spoke. So, I decided not to press my friend with the question.
I feel very sad because most people are still quite skeptical towards natural healing. I cannot blame them. It shows that we (natural therapists) have not done much to keep people aware of the benefits of treating our bodies gently with natural therapy. This is our challenge and as a homeopath, I am taking this challenge to share with as many people as possible about the natural way to care for our body.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Be Content

In today's situation, many of us are afflicted with dissatisfaction. People are just not satisfied with what they have. "If only I had a bigger house....." "If only I could make more money...." And the list goes on.

Why couldn't we just be contented with what we have? We somehow feel the grass in the other pasture is greener or life somewhere over the next horizon is better?? We can be content if we ponder on the necessities of life. Do we really need all those things? We can still live without a big house, we can still live with just one car, we can still live without designer clothes, we can still live without branded shoes. We can be content if we appreciate or be grateful with what we have and not desiring on the things that we do not have.

In Philippians 4:11-13 "Not that I say this because of need, for I have learned, in whatever situation I find myself, to be self-sufficient. I know indeed how to live in humble circumstances; I know also how to live with abundance. In every circumstance and in all things I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry, of living in abundance and of being in need. I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

On being kind

Sometimes being good or kind may NOT be the right thing to do. It happened to me and I really regretted what I did...for being kind. Anyway, I don't want to elaborate it here, only God knows how I really feel. Now, I just feel like posting this article below for my own reminder that whatever situation I am in, I only need to focus in the Lord.

Five Ways God Uses Problems By David Langerfeld
The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you - depending on how you respond to them. Unfortunately, most people fail to see how God wants to use problems for good in their lives. They react foolishly and resent their problems rather than pausing to consider what benefit they might bring. Here are five ways God wants to use the problems in your life:

1. God uses problems to DIRECT you.
Sometimes God must light a fire under you to get you moving. Problems often point us in a new direction and motivate us to change. Is God trying to get your attention? "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

2. God uses problems to INSPECT you.
People are like tea bags... if you want to know what's inside them, just drop them into hot ever water! Has God tested your faith with a problem? What do problems reveal about you? "When you have many kinds of troubles, you should be full of joy, because you know that these troubles test your faith, and this will give you patience.” James 1:2-3

3. God uses problems to CORRECT you.
Some lessons we learn only through pain and failure. It's likely that as a child your parents told you not to touch a hot stove. But you probably learned by being burned. Sometimes we only learn the value of something by losing it. "It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes." Psalm 119:72

4. God uses problems to PROTECT you.
A problem can be a blessing in disguise if it prevents you from being harmed by something more serious. Last year a friend was fired for refusing to do something unethical that his boss had asked him to do. His unemployment was a problem - but it saved him from being convicted and sent to prison a year later when management's actions were eventually discovered. "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good" Genesis 50:20

5. God uses problems to PERFECT you.
Problems, when responded to correctly, are character builders. God is far more interested in your character than your comfort. Your relationship to God and your character are the only two things you're going to take with you into eternity. "We can rejoice when we run into problems... they help us learn to be patient. And patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust God more each time we use it until finally our hope and faith are strong and steady." Romans 5:3-4 Here's the point: God is at work in your life - even when you don't recognize it or understand it. But it's so much easier when you surrender to his plan for your life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodbye gym!

Somewhere in mid-August, Jerome out of the blue decided to go to a gym. He signed-up for a one month usage of the gym which cost him RM100. Together with a household member Michael, both were determined to lose some weight. Aloysia (Mike's wife) and I were very happy to see that both of our overweight husbands decided to do something with their weight. We saw them hitting the gym almost everyday. They had even announced to us that they had shed some pounds! We were so delighted but our joy were short-lived when 2 weeks later they stopped going to the gym. They gave excuses like having the colds or they had 'work' or business appointments. "We need to motivate them" said Aloysia. Yess...we should, I agreed. We tried every means to persuade them to go back to the gym but to no avail. Finally, on Sept 1 we decided to sign-up ourselves for the gym thinking that our hubbies would join us if we also go to the gym. We thought that when we, the wives go with them, they will be motivated to continue with their workout! But we were wrong! Michael was not so bad, he went to the gym several times with us whereas Jerome completely stopped.(sob...sob...)
So, the past weeks Aloysia and I went to the gym regularly. I can say that when come to exercise we are more disciplined than our men. The one month is almost over and soon it's time to renew our membership. I'm thinking whether I should go for another month. For me, physically I feel fitter and perhaps have lose some weight.(haven't check yet). For me, going to the gym is very much time consuming even though I will get the feel good effect after that. For me, going to the gym means taking at least 2 hours of my precious time and to me time is not easy to come by. For me, going to the gym means I need to 'not do' my 'to do list'...
I just received text message from dear Aloysia asking me whether I will renew my membership and I answered NO. Goodbye gym...good bye!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can homeopathy help stroke patient?

Someone asked me whether homeopathy can help stroke patient. My answer is YES. Even though I have never treated any stroke cases yet, but there are many cases where stroke patient could benefit from homeopathy.
There are 2 main types of stroke.
1) ischemic stroke:- caused by a blockage in one of the blood vessels that supply oxygen and other important nutrients to the brain. If the artery remains blocked for more than a few minutes, and enough blood can't get through, the brain can become damaged. The majority of strokes are ischemic.
2) hemorrhagic stroke:- occurs when blood vessels in the brain leak or rupture, causing bleeding in or around the brain.
Homeopathy helps in recovery after a stroke, along with changes in diet and lifestyle. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily to reduce the risk of future strokes. Fat is the primary cause of strokes. Eliminating saturated fat from meat and processed foods will drastically reduce the risk of strokes.
The remedy of choice for a stroke patient varies. Aconite 30c can be used after a stroke to help lessen the trauma symptoms of a stroke, which often include panic, fright and shock. Aurum muriaticum 30c can help ease high blood pressure due to disturbed function of the nervous system, while Baryta Carbonica 30c can help strengthen the body and mind following a stroke. Gelsemium 30c helps treat numbness and trembling, and can help improve your ability to speak. For stroke that occur after a couple of months or longer Arnica 1M is the best choice as this is the best remedy for old injury. Always follow the dosage directions on the medications, and stop administering the remedies when there is noticeable improvement.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Should I Eat?

I noticed that whenever I eat beef, pork or prawn even along with my normal diet of  75% vegetables and fruits, I will experience some kind of skin itchiness on both my legs later in the evening. This will not happen if I eliminate pork, beef or prawn. I try to prove myself wrong by keeping track of what I eat and see what happens. Initially, I thought it must be some bed bugs or perhaps some plants that I came into contact with when I do my gardening at the front yard. Anyway, based on my record, the culprit seems to be the food! This got me thinking about what Dr. D'Adamo says in his book. He mentioned that blood type 'O' person can take beef as this meat is medicine for this group of people. However, I believe that my body reacted negatively to beef because the quality of  beef that we take nowadays is way below than the meat that our forefathers enjoyed. Those days, cows feed on green pastures but now the livestock industry keep all the animal in overcrowded condition. Crammed together, the cows are force-fed by processed food so that they grow fast and become fat. As these animals are not destined to live in such condition, to keep them alive, the industry put them on growth hormones, antibiotics, drugs, etc. No wonder my body is reacting against this meat. So, no more beef for me please... unless if I can find 'organic beef' which is very hard to find and is expensive. Dr. D' Adamo also mentioned in his book that pork is 'poison' for blood type 'O' person. Yupp....I have cut down eating pork to almost zero! As for the prawn, it is listed under neutral which means it is just food for blood type 'O' person i.e without giving any beneficial health value. Anyway, I read some articles that say prawns are highly toxic as they are scavengers or in other words they are garbage collectors. They eat fish droppings, dead creatures, dirt (anything that is edible to them!)... and their job is basically cleaning the water. So, their tasty meats are full of germs and toxins! (sob...sob... prawns happen to be one of my favorite!).

Frankly, as I learned more on what type of food I should eat to be healthier or to be free from disease, I found numerous contradictions in the nutritional research. There are just too many theories or findings that are contradicting to each other. Some studies support the idea of being a vegetarian while other says that a high protein diet is the best diet. Why did some herbs do wonders for others, while some don't even feel any improvement when taking them? Don't you think this is frustrating??

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 80/20 Rule

I just can't help myself from not posting this piece of valuable lesson that a friend sent me...

Interesting quote from the movie 'Why did I get married?'
In most cases, especially in relationships, you will only get 80% of what you NEED and you will hardly get the other 20% that you WANT in your relationship. There is always another person (man or women) that you will meet and that will offer you the other 20% which is lacking in your relationship that you WANT And believe me, 20% looks really good when you are not getting it at all in your current relationship.
But the problem is that you will always be tempted to leave that good 80% that you know you have, thinking that you will get something better with the other 20% that you WANT.
But as reality has proven, in most cases, you will always end up with having the 20% that you WANT and loosing the 80% that you really NEED and that you already had.
Be careful in deciding between what you WANT and NEED in your life.

Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have. 'Wow, this girl in my office is a real looker. But it's not her Wynona Rider features that got me. I'm crazy about her because she's also understanding, intelligent, tender - so many things that my spouse is not'

Somewhere along the way, you'll find a woman or a man who will be more charming or sensitive. More alluring. More thoughtful. Richer. Have greater sex appeal. And you will find a woman or man who will need you and pursue you and go loco over you more than your spouse ever did.

Because no wife or husband is perfect. Because a spouse will only have 80% of what you're looking for. So adultery takes place when a husband or wife looks for the missing 20%. Let's say your wife is melancholic by nature.

You may find yourself drawn to the pretty clerk who has a cherry laugh no matter what she says: 'I broke my arm yesterday, Hahahaha .. . ..'

Or because your wife is a homebody in slippers and pajamas, smelling of garlic and fish oil, you may fall for a fresh-smelling young sales representative that visits your office in a sharp black blazer, high heels, and a red pencil-cut skirt Or because your husband is the quiet type, your heart may skip a beat when you meet an old college flame who has the makings of a talk show host.

But wait! That's only 20% of what you don't have.

Don't throw away the 80% that you already have!

That's not all. Add to your spouse's 80% the 100% that represents all the years that you have been with each other. The storms you have weathered together. The unforgettable moments of sadness and joy as a couple. The many adjustments you have made to love the other. The wealth of memories that you've accumulated as lovers.

Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have.

But faithfulness happens when you start thanking God for what you already have.

But I'm not just talking about marriage.

I'm talking about life!

About your jobs.
About your friends.
About your children.
About your lifestyles.

Are you like the economy airline passenger that perennially peeks through the door of the first class cabin, obsessed with what he's missing? 'They have got more leg room! Oh my, their food is served in porcelain! Wow, their seats recline at an 80% angle and they've got personal videos!'

I guarantee you'll be miserable for the entire trip! Don't live your life like that. Forget about what the world says is first class. Do you know that there are many first class passengers who are miserable in first class -- because they are not riding in a private Lear Jet?

The main message???

If you start appreciating what you have right now, wherever you are, you are in first class!

(Whoever wrote this, thumbs up to you!)

Monday, July 19, 2010

To Eat or Not to Eat

Rhenee came to stay with us on the 27 June. He is one of our Couples for Christ brethren from Brunei who has agreed to be attached with our community here in KK for about a month. The purpose of his visit is for mission work. He is a good musician but it didn't take a long time for us to find out that he is a good cook too! On his first day, we took him out for dinner. The next day, for breakfast I tried to be as normal as possible, taking my green juice along with varieties of fruits. Jerome was not at all pleased. After a couple of hours or so, he brought Rhenee out for what they called 'real food'. Anyway, the next day Rhenee volunteered that he prepare dinner for us. He is really a good cook but the problem is that he likes meat very much.(oops!) Anyway, on the positive side, a meat dish that I normally cook would be tough and dry but Rhenee could cook meat that is tender and succulent moist! Yupp...Jerome is really enjoying himself! For me, I am fighting a losing battle. This week is going to be the 3rd week Rhenee been with us. I can't remember the time when we have meatless meal! Not that I'm complaining about him but it is me that I'm disappointed with. Don't you think that I should be the one influencing him to eat more vegetables and fruits in every meal?  :(
Anyway, I always believe that whether to eat or not to eat is a matter of personal choice and this got to do with one's own ability to control himself/herself.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Renewing our Marriage Vow

The day I donated blood was the day where the 1st Grand Marriage Vows Renewal Eucharistic Celebration was conducted. Only that it was held three hours after doing my 'noble duty'. In fact I planned to have my hair done in a saloon prior to this important event but because of the blood donation, I felt a bit giddy and decided to take a nap instead! So, you can see that my hair look lifeless...and for Jerome, he went to have his hair trimmed the day before! Good planning ...
There were more than 280 couples who renewed their marriage vows on that day. Those who have been married for 50 years and above were seated right in front followed with 40 years, 30 years, 20 years and below. For us, just 19 years of marriage were seated slightly at the back. Anyway, we had a good view in front of us! Everyone dressed beautifully, even their children! Right after the ceremony, each couple was given a prayer certificate, which goes like this:-

Heavenly Father,
We thank you for your tremendous gift of the
Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
Enable us to grow in our intimacy with you and with each other.
Help us to share all our works, all our hopes, all our dreams,
our successes, our failures, our joys and our sorrows.
Teach us the beauty of forgiveness, so that we can become
more and more one in heart, mind and body.
Strengthen our communication with each other,
and help us become living signs of your love.
Help us to be examples of Commitment, Love and Service
to our families and children.
Make us the sign of the unity which Jesus prays for
at the Last Supper.
Help us to be open to the guidance of your Holy Spirit,
who empowers us to love in Jesus' name and
walk in His Footsteps.
We pray all these in the Name of Jesus,
our Lord and Saviour.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Donating Blood

Last Sunday 20th June, after attending a bazaar at St. Aloysius Church, Jerome and I decided that we should go to another church, Sacred Heart Cathedral where a blood donation campaign was going on. Jerome has been a regular blood donor since his college years. As for me, even though I would very much like to donate blood but based on my past record I have been branded as 'unfit to donate blood' as I am anemic. My hemoglobin count has always been very low so donating blood is out of the question. Anyway, upon reaching the blood donation center, I decided that I should check again... who knows with all the adjustments that I have made with my eating habit I may be able to donate! So, tagging beside Jerome I went on to tell him what was on my mind. Of course, we are already here, you should take the opportunity to have a free check... was what Jerome said. The medical officer who attended me smiled and said to me "first time?" Emm...yes, I answered. After taking my blood pressure and checking my hemoglobin level I was declared "fit to donate". Wow! I said in my heart...this is really an achievement! I was then ushered to another room where the process of taking my blood took place. The most ironic was the fact that Jerome was not able to donate blood as his hemoglobin level was below the required standard even though his blood pressure was perfectly normal. He was quite upset about it and concluded that he must change his diet.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rare Case

A month ago a patient consulted me due to heartburn, bloating, flatulence and something else that I found quite rare was the fact that he has been burping for the past 6 months. He told me that he went to so many doctors and even to bomoh/dukun or witch doctor but to no avail. While talking to me he burped uncontrollably seemed like every 5 minutes. Given the symptoms picture, I prescribed him with Carbo Veg 30c and also Phosphorus 30c to be taken alternately.
Last week on June 9th, this patient came again. He was not burping anymore! He told me that he feel much better but he feel that there is something hard and burning hot inside his stomach. His condition is aggravated during the night with other symptoms such as heart palpitation, anxiety and sleeplessness. I gave him Arsenicum 200c due to his 'burning sensation' and other symptoms and Kali Phos 6x for sleeplessness. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


One of the many reason why I decided to study homeopathy is because of my two daughters. At an early age of one or two year old, both were diagnosed with asthma. They were prone to cough and flu which led to shortness of breath and then wheezing. I could still remember vividly how we (Jerome & I) used to rush either both or one of our daughters to the nearest clinic whenever their face turned bluish and their chest protruded due to breathlessness. It was such a scary situation. As we traveled back and forth to the clinic so frequently that our pediatrician recommended us to buy a nebuliser. I felt so upset about it as our daughters' condition did not improved at all but getting bad to worse. I did not buy the nebuliser but decided to try natural healing instead. That was how I started turning to natural healing. To cut the story short, both my daughters are cured of their asthma problem through homeopathy method of healing.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Nail Pricked, tetanus & homeopathy

This incident happened last Tuesday and I've been meaning to write this post earlier.
It was already noon time when Aldo returned home from his basketball game. He was limping and I asked him what had happened. I was thinking that he must have injured himself during the match. Apparently, he told me that he accidentally stepped on a rusty nail while walking the dogs earlier that morning before he even went for his basketball game! The nail went through the bottom of his slippers and pricked into his skin. There was so much blood but he pressed the wound to let the blood out (thank God!). When I looked at his foot, it was swollen and red. Why didn't you tell me that you had injured yourself, I asked him. He said that it was not pain that morning and he thought that it would be alright after a couple of hours or so. However it was not so. The pain gradually progressed that for a few days he limped whenever he walked. The possibility of tetanus infection was on my mind as the incident happened few hours earlier. The bacteria must have invaded his bloodstream! I gave him homeopathy medicine Ledum 200c as I know this is the best remedy against tetanus. If you can't get any homeopathy medicine off hand, please get a tetanus vaccination right away. Tetanus (commonly called lockjaw) is a disease that can be fatal. The bacteria (Clostridium tetani) enter into the body through puncture wound contaminated with soil, street dust, animal feces, etc. The early symptoms of tetanus infection are jaw or neck stiffness, difficulty swallowing, headache, irritability and localized itching or pain at the site of the injury. Later, there may be spasm of the neck, back, and abdominal muscles.
What can you do if you or your loved ones had a punctured wound such as nail pricked and help seem to be far from sight??  The best way to protect an injured person from the tetanus disease is to thoroughly clean the wound with copious amounts of water and to encourage the injury to bleed profusely. Press the wound firmly to let the blood and any traces of dirt out from the wound. Cover it with clean bandage and take the person to the nearest hospital if the wound is deep (about half inch or more).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eat Smart!

After I shared with Jerome that blood type 'O' person could benefit more from eating red meat, he ordered beef whenever he pleases for his breakfast, lunch or dinner (without my knowledge!). In just a few days, he experienced pain in his toes. Yes...only when he's feeling pain or sick that he told me what he had done! Well, this is the result of people eating too much of not only the bad things but even the good things! The bottom line is, we must eat in moderation. It is widely known that to achieve optimal health one need to eat a well balanced food. Use the food pyramid as your guide.

Even though Dr. Adamo says that blood type 'O' can eat meat but it is still limited to 4 to 6 ounces per serving and only for 3 to 4 times weekly. If you look at the new food pyramid above, which I took from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), just a small portion of red meat is recommended. Fruits and vegetables remain the biggest portion daily. For me, I am still faithfully following my 75% fruits and vegetables as my yardstick and I don't have problem with it. Anyway, different people may require different type and size of food depending on their gender, age, physical activities, etc. To know more about this, please visit here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Time will come...

"The time will come, when the task of a doctor will not be to treat the body but to heal the mind, which in turn will heal the body. In other words, the right doctor will be philosopher and teacher and it will be his concern to keep the person healthy and not to start treating the body when it has already become sick. The true doctor will not only treat the body with medication, but rather treat the mind with principles. He will teach people that good humor, goodwill, noble deeds, love and grace are just as beneficial for the body as for the mind and that a joyous heart is the best medicine. Positive, pure thoughts are the premise for purity of the body, for inner harmony and balanced serenity."

Waldo Trine (American philosopher, 1899)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Child has Autism!

Is it true that my child has autism? You may wonder what your child future would be and probably think that the doctors must have made some mistake in diagnosing your child. After going to so many specialists and having been given the same bitter diagnosis; "your child has autism", first and foremost, you have to accept this painful truth. The earlier the treatment begins, the better the chances are that the child can be helped.

What is Autism? Autism is a life-long developmental disorder that affects an individual’s ability to interact with the world around them. This means they have difficulties making friends and participating in everyday social interactions. They refuses to be cuddled, avoids eye contact, shows poor language development, becomes obsessed with things or routines, goes in for repetitive movements such as body rocking and head banging. Since it is a spectrum disorder, autism affects children in different ways, and no two autistic children are exactly alike. This makes things very confusing for parents who are battling to come to terms with what is best for their child, as signs of autism vary greatly. A common struggle for parents is the desperate efforts to try and “reach” their child, as they seem to exist in their own private world within their minds.

What causes Autism? No single cause for autism is known. It is a neurological disorder. Studies link the disorder to brain defects, metal poisoning, child vaccination or nutritional deficiency. It is important for parents to note that autism is not a mental illness and is NOT caused by bad parenting or problems in the home.

How can Homeopathy help? Homeopathy can help in varieties of way such as in stimulating the child’s body to heal itself and also to detox the body in a gentle way. Please bear in mind that the homeopath and the patient (or the parents of the autistic child)must work together in order to achieve favorable result. Please click here for more information about how homeopathy can help treat autism.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eat According to Blood Type?

Been very busy lately. In the month of April I went to Philippines twice, both for some Church (Couples For Christ) activities. Despite my busy schedule I managed to read two books; one of the book entitled "Blood Type O" by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo and the other "Colon Health" by Dr. Norman W.Walker. In this post I would like to share with you what I learned from the book written by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. Being a blood type 'O' myself, I was in fact quite taken aback by his book. Dr. D'Adamo, a naturopathic physician says in his book that if your blood type is O, you should be on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, and get plenty of animal protein! This is absolutely impossible for vegetarians, don't you think? This intriguing doctor went on to ask readers to eat lean beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, or fish as often as they wish.

Dr. D'Adamo has also written several other books. His first book, "Eat Right 4 Your Type", has been on bestseller since its publication. I am tempted to know more about his findings and interesting theory which he wrote in this first book. I feel that his new theory will give more choice in the field of alternative medicines. Please click here to visit his official website.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Juice Feasting

For those of you who wants to know more about juice feasting please check:-

What is juice FEASTING
Juice FEASTING: Before & After

I hope you will find some useful information here! Please check with your doctor before attempting the 92 days of juice feasting. I have not attempted it myself, the longest that I did was just 7 days. Woo...hoo..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Detoxification (2)

Lately, many of my friends asked me how to do detox without taking the commercialized detox sachet that I mentioned in my previous post (Detoxification 1). Yes, it is definitely better to do your own detox because when you detox naturally, you will only use natural sources minus the 'processed detox sachet'. So, your body will benefit tremendously because you will only consume natural food and thus your body will not be exposed to pesticides, additives, preservatives, etc. As I mentioned in my previous post, when I do my own body detox I prefer juice fasting as it is so much simpler but for those who may find it difficult to 'fast', below is another method to do detoxification.
First and foremost, you need to eliminate meat, white flour, white rice, processed foods, junk food, carbonated drinks, alcohol and smoking. I would suggest that you also eliminate packet fruit juice drinks even though the products are made from natural fruit juices. Switch to vegetables, fruits, home-made fruit juices, home-made smoothies and high fiber foods. Drink lots of water as it helps in flushing out the wastes and toxins from the body. Please read the water cure article for more insight on the benefits of drinking water.
This is a 7 day detox diet program. Along with this diet, you must take sufficient sleep and exercise at least 3 times a week. Regular detoxification can help with weight loss and prevents a number of health problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases, digestive tract problems, skin problems, kidney problems and liver problems.
Day 1
Eliminate all solids from your diet. Drink plenty of filtered water, fresh fruit juices and fruit smoothies. When you make your fruit juice, please use fruits that are locally produced. My favorite fruit smoothies are papaya and banana smoothie. Please do not mix with cow's milk for your smoothie, if you want it creamier mix with organic soy milk or nut milk.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of fruit smoothie; Dinner: 2 glasses or 500ml of fruit smoothie.
Day 2
In addition to taking the above (Day 1), you may include high fiber fruits such as, guava, starfruit, papaya, pineapple, avocado, etc (preferably local produce). Consuming high fiber foods will help in better digestion and quick removal of waste matter from the body.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of fruit smoothie; Dinner: variety of fruits.
Day 3
Introduce high fiber vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, beetroot, and 'sengkuang' in your diet. Remember to eat them only in salads, i.e, uncooked. Eat six cloves of raw garlic as it helps in purifying the blood. For me, the best way to eat my garlic is by chopping them finely and mix with squeezed lemon with a dash of sea salt and honey. Mix with one tablespoon of parsley too, as it aids in better liver function. This combination is good to use as your salad dressing.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of fruit smoothie; Dinner: vegetables salad.
Day 4
Repeat Day 3 but for dinner, you can eat cooked (blanched is preferable) vegetables, along with low fat brown rice. Dinner should be taken before 7pm.
Breakfast: 2 glasses of fruit juice; Lunch: a glass of fruit smoothie and vegetables salad; Dinner: brown rice and vegetables.
Day 5
On the fifth day repeat Day 4 and you can have baked or boiled fish along with various type of vegetables for dinner.
Breakfast: a glass of fruit juice and a glass of smoothie; Lunch: vegetables salad and vegetable omelet; Dinner: brown rice, fish and vegetables.
Day 6
You may include dry fruits such as apricot, raisin and prune and nuts such as, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc. as they are rich in essential fatty acids.
Breakfast: a glass of fruit juice/or a glass of smoothie and wholemeal bread; Lunch: vegetables salad and egg omelet; Dinner: brown rice, fish and vegetables.
Day 7
Eat all the foods mentioned in the last six days in moderate quantities. Your body is now prepared to continue with a normal diet.

Those who have high blood pressure, please omit eggs from your diet and those who are diabetic need to dilute their fruit juice with water.  

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Typical home-cooked dinner

My journey towards 75% raw food diet is full of roller coaster bumps. Perhaps if I am doing it totally for myself it would be easier but hey...I have four other people under my wings that I need to consider. I have my hubby and my 3 kids whom are all food lovers. So far I am successful in keeping raw for my breakfasts and lunches and if I happen to have cooked food for lunch then my dinner would be all raw. I discover that having 2 raw food meals and 1 cooked meal is not that difficult to maintain. I am happy with this diet plan and I feel healthier.
Anyway, whatever it is I will always prepare home-cooked dinner for my family. My standard is 3 dishes, other times 4 dishes and at times 2 dishes only. My normal 3 dishes comprises of 1meat or fish and two or more vegetables dishes.

Walla...this is my typical 3 dishes home-cooked dinner.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homeopathic Prescribing

A lady came to see me the other day without making any appointment. Fortunately for her, I was available for consultation so I thought. I ushered her to my room but somehow she said she was in a hurry and would like to just buy a homeopathy remedy without having to 'see' me. "Just give me the same remedy that you gave to my friend few days ago" she said. I was rather amused. What?? Did your friend send you here to collect a repeat medication for her? I asked her (confused). Nope, but she has since recovered from her gastric problem, so I want to get that same medication that you gave her. Then?? I said (still confused). Yeah...I want to take them too as I am also having gastric problem. Oh really?? (now feeling chuckled). Homeopathy does not work like that my friend. I explained to her. She was quite surprised that I do not want her 'business'. "Please come another day when you are not in a hurry and give me a call first" I told her while giving her my number.
 Homeopathic prescribing is quite different from the conventional way of prescribing. Homeopathy rests on the basic principle of nature. The conventional way do not pay much attention to the symptoms of the patient. The medicine is prescribed on the basis of the name of the ailment, whatever the symptoms. If ten patients have gastric problem, they will be given the same type of gastric medicine. In contrast, a homeopath asks a number of questions about the whole picture of the symptoms.  Everyone knows that different patients suffering from the same ailment may show different symptoms. Different patients suffering from gastric problem may manifest the following different symptoms and will be prescribed a remedy depending on the symptoms:
For example, if you are constantly experiencing heartburn about 30 minutes after eating and the attack usually started with too much food, too much alcohol, or too much work and you are irritable Nux Vomica.
Or the gastric attack brought by rich food, usually about 2 hours after eating, attacks worse in the evening, feeling of pressure under breastbone, pounding heart, bad taste in mouth, nausea with or without vomiting, weepy Pulsatilla.
Or feeling heartburn, stomach bloated and full of gas and the person quickly feels full up even when hungry, mainly because food causes instant indigestion lycopodium.
Or burning sensation in the chest, craving for ice-cold water, which is vomited up as soon as it becomes warm in stomach Phosphorus.
There are many other symptoms that indicates gastric problems and as such a homeopath cannot just simply give one common remedy for gastric problem.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


At around 5.30am as I was preparing breakfast this morning, I realized that Joelle has not awaken yet. She normally wakes up at 5.00am., to arrange her books and to shower. What could be possibly wrong with her? I woke her up and reminded her that she need to leave for school by 6.10am the latest. She jumped out of bed and muttered "Actually, I woke up at 1.00am just now but nobody was awake. My nose bled but luckily only for a short while." I asked her whether she fall or knock at something while in her sleep but she said no. In fact, she was sleeping soundly when she felt something oozing out from her nostril. When she touched her nose she felt the blood and quickly grabbed a towel. Joelle has been having a bout of nosebleed twice last year and today is the first time in this year. "It's okay Joelle, go and freshen up yourself while I prepare your morning juice" I assured her.

Nosebleeds are common in children. The mucous membranes lining the inside of the nasal passages are well supplied with blood. If the mucous lining is too thin it is prone to nosebleed. Usually the bleeding will stopped within 15 to 20 minutes .

There are other important cause of nosebleed. A fall or blow to the nose will quickly rupture the tiny blood vessel in the mucous membranes. The bone may be broken. Polyps also cause recurring nosebleeds. Other causes include trauma, nose-picking, upper respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, rhinitis and dryness of the mucous membranes. If nosebleed occur repeatedly with or without any obvious cause, one should seek professional help.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Homeopathic Treatment for Menopausal Symptoms

(NaturalNews) Menopause occurs at an age when a woman ceases menstruation and her reproductive capacity ceases. This generally takes place between 45 and 55 years of age but may happen prematurely or artificially after removal of the ovaries. Many women want to know how to cope with the debilitating symptoms that affect their daily lives. Some of these symptoms include hot flushes, increased hair growth on the face, osteoporosis, fatigue, headaches and irritability. Insomnia, depression, difficulty in concentrating or remembering and weight gain are also common symptoms. For pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms, there is good advice and help available and there is no need to suffer through this time alone. Aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbs and exercise can help to ease symptoms. It is always advisable to research carefully any treatment or supplement available before taking it and/or to consult with a qualified homeopathic practitioner first.

Vigorous physical exercise is reported to help counter the effects of hot flushes. Studies show that a regular exercise program can relieve the symptoms of menopause and improve the quality of life.

Menopausal Symptoms and Diet
Eating a diet abundant in refined carbohydrates and sugar is more likely to result in fatigue, irritability and depression. Combining a low GI (glycemic load) carbohydrate with a protein is a practical way to control dis-glycemia, such as a slice of lightly toasted whole grain or rye bread with fish or beans.
Servings of organic, dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, watercress and sprouts will provide folate that the body needs. Do not overcook vegetables. Free-range eggs are an excellent source of protein.

Include cold pressed seed oils such as flaxseed, hemp, olive and avocado oil in the diet on a daily basis. Avoid oils that have been produced through heat-extraction and eliminate the consumption of foods that contain hydrogenated oils.

A diet rich in legumes, soya products or red clover supplements are good sources of isoflavones, which can reduce the incidence and severity of menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes.

Vitamin Supplements
Magnesium and vitamin B-complex help with anxiety and irritability. Vitamin A, zinc, iron and B-complex can also help with heavy menstrual bleeding. Vitamin C is said to have specific benefits during menopause, one of which is helping to reduce hot flushes.

Calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc are all supplements said to help counter menopausal symptoms such as irritability, painful menstruation and insomnia.

Homeopathic Treatment for Menopausal Symptoms
Sepia is often recommended by homeopaths for hot flushes, headaches, irritability and heavy bleeding.

Lachesis helps to counter irritability, memory loss, concentration problems and headaches.

Pulsatilla is taken for depression, tendency to cry easily and mood swings.

Herbs for Menopausal Symptoms
Black Cohosh is an herb that has been used by native North Americans for centuries. Research has proven that this herb helps to relieve menopausal symptoms arising from declining estrogen levels in the body such as hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and depression.

Valerian will help with anxiety and tension while ginseng boosts vitality and increases mental alertness.
Ginkgo biloba helps to improve memory and poor concentration.
Dandelion is a cleansing herb which helps the body to detoxify, which can reduce the risk of breast growths and other cell changes.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-menopause, pg 25-40 - Dr. John Lee.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies, C. Norman Shealy, page 393, published by Harper Collins Publishers
Newton KM, Reed SD, LaCroix AZ, Grothaus LC, Ehrlich K, Guiltinan J (2006). "Treatment of vasomotor symptoms of menopause with Black cohosh". Ann Intern Med 145: 869-879.

Monday, February 15, 2010

3 in 1 Celebration!

February the 14th is not only Valentine's day but it is also the birthday of my youngest daughter! Joelle is 13 years old on Valentine's day. Hemmm....after much pestering, persuading, and pretending to behave angelic she managed to lure me into celebrating her birthday which also happen to fall on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. It will be a 3 in 1 celebration she said. How to celebrate a 3 in 1 celebration during this time of economic downturn?? We invited only close relatives and friends, baked our own Valentine's cake (cup cakes), ordered a home-baked chocolate cake from a friend (for birthday cake), bought some mandarin oranges to signify CNY, got some cooked dishes from a Chinese restaurant (fortunately this particular restaurant open on CNY with no increase in price) and also I cooked some fresh water fish; cat fish and eel (eww...but nice), chicken curry and vegetables. All invitees were asked to come in red or maroon as the theme color, to signify Valentine's day and also CNY!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Panic Attack

A new patient came to see me today with a complain of a panic attack. She has been seeing many doctors for the past three months and every time was told that she is perfectly healthy. What worries her is that she seem to be out of breath most of the time and experiencing palpitations almost 24hours daily.

Panic attacks create a sudden, wild, frantic feeling that makes the heart race and throws the body into a state of alarm. Some people feel like they are about to suffocate; others cannot move a muscle and simply tremble. Other common symptoms are dizziness, dry mouth, sweaty palms and tight chest. Some people develop lumps in the throat and butterflies in the stomach.
The attack persists only for seconds, sometimes minutes. Unlike phobias, which are overwhelming fears directed at something in particular, panic attacks appear unexpectedly, without reason or warning. Severe panic attacks can be mistaken for heart attacks. They are often related to general feelings of anxiety, and can be accompanied by other disturbances, like nightmares, sleeplessness, changes in appetite and fatigue. Long-term struggles with anxiety disorders and panic attacks lead to frustration and depression. It is a surprisingly common condition affecting both men and women. (excerpt from Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, 2nd Edition)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Natural healing

My preference in natural healing does not mean that I do not have respect for medical doctors and surgeons. I admire their hard work, intelligence and skill especially in saving lives during traumatic emergency cases. However, ever since I choose natural healing, I seldom get sick and even if I do get sick, I self-prescribed myself with homeopathic remedies. I will take plenty of rest, take just water, plenty of it and wait for my body to heal itself.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


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This is my family's favorite 'localized spaghetti'. The toppings are mashed mackerel sardines, chopped fresh tomatoes, cubed big onion,tomato ketchup and oregano leaves. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. So simple and yet gotta try it yourself!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


The holiday season is about to end and tomorrow my kids will start their school term after 6 weeks break. During the holiday we gobbled all sort of food mostly unhealthy ones. I guess it's time to do some detox to my family members.
Detoxification is a process of eliminating toxins from the body. There are quite a number of method to detoxify the body that you can find in the market. The one that I normally use for my family comes in a form of a sachet. It contains fibers of fruits and vegetables, probiotic powder, spirulina and alfalfa. This is a simple way of detoxification where one need not go through fasting though I prefer juice fasting. Juice fasting is drinking only fresh fruit or vegetable juice for at least 3 days. This is the quickest method of detoxification as it also allows the digestive system to be thoroughly cleansed.